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Konnected has evolved now to cater for various system setups and user needs. Navigating the Konnected product line can be a little overwhelming but we want to do our best to ensure you make the right product selection. Regardless of your situation, there is a Konnected system to suit your needs.

Use the following chart to find your Konnected path.

Konnected vs Konnected Pro

The first big decision to make is for your Konnected system is the connectivity type: Wi-Fi or Ethernet (with PoE support). The Konnected Wi-Fi is convenient and will integrate with your home network when there is adequate Wi-Fi coverage and eliminates the need for cabling between your Konnected board and your router. But we understand some customers will prefer a wired approach to security, and with the Konnected Pro ethernet option you have a more robust and secure connection to your network. The Pro board comes standard with 12 on-board zones whereas the Konnected Wi-Fi boards come standard with 6 zones, with Add-On boards to attach more zones. The extra onboard features in the Konnected Pro does come at a slightly extra cost.

Conversion vs Interface

The other big decision for customers with existing home alarm systems is whether to run Konnected alongside their existing system via an “Interface” or completely do away with their existing system and replace it with a Konnected “Conversion” setup. There are benefits to each so it’s helpful to understand a bit more behind the two options.

Typically, customers who already have an operational traditional alarm system (stand-alone or connect “back-to-base” for additional monitoring) may be happy to keep continue maintaining this system. By installing a Konnected “Interface” system, this allows everything in the existing system to run as per normal, along with the integrated smart capabilities that Konnected has to offer such as remote alarm trigger/notifications, arming/disarming. It achieves this by integrating the Konnected board to your alarm panel via an interface module. Please consult with the technical manual of your existing alarm system to determine if it supports the necessary connections required by Konnected.

Running a Konnected Interface set up may also give customers additional peace of mind as their underlying alarm system remains intact and unchanged but will be complimented with lots of additional smart features which will allow for personal monitoring/alerting/management customised to their needs.

For those customers who may have an existing system that may or may not be currently running, or those simply no longer interested in paying ongoing monitoring costs may instead choose the Konnected Conversion Kit. In this arrangement, it is assumed the customer no longer needs/wants to operate their existing alarm system panel but may still have all the wiring in place for all of their motion sensors, strobes, sirens, etc which they wish to re-use. This is simply a case of transferring all the appropriate wired sensor/device connections from the existing board and over to the appropriate zone terminals of the new Konnected Alarm panel. The customer now has full control over their alarm system devices via the Konnected system.

Konnected Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of enquiries about the Konnected systems. Have a read through the common ones:

Q1.  If I have installed a Konnected Interface kit but I decide later to remove my old alarm panel, will my Konnected system still work?

A: The Konnected boards in the (WiFi) Interface kits are of the type “Konnected Add-On” board. You will require at least one “Konnected Alarm Panel” board in order for Konnected to work stand-alone. If you currently have a Konnected Pro Interface set up then this is simply a matter of removing the Interface module and connecting the sensors directly to the Konnected Pro board itself.

Q2. How many zones will I need?

A: Each zone can connected to a single or multiple sensors. It may also depend on the manner in which those sensors have been wired up, but generally it will be down to your preference how you want it to be grouped together. For example, if a door sensor is currently grouped with a motion sensor, you may want to separate this to enable more specific control over your home automation as you’ll now be able to detect whether the door or motion triggered the alert.

The Konnected (Wi-Fi) Conversion and Interface Kits come with 6 zones on each board and can be expanded via additional Add-On boards. The Konnected Pro (Ethernet) boards come standard with 12 zones. For additional zones this requires another Konnected Pro board for a further 12 zones.

Q3. I’m new to the home automation scene, what’s the easiest way of setting up my Konnected?

A: While the best way to build a really flexible and customised solution is integrating it into popular home automation hub like Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHAB, etc. there is an easy way for beginners to deploy their Konnected system. Without the need for additional separate hardware to run a local home automation system, customers can opt for a cloud based approach by using the Konnected Cloud and linking it with SmartThings. See here for more information. All the basics are taken care of for you and will give you control and monitoring of your Konnected system however you are dependent on the cloud and internet for the maintenance and monitoring of your system.

Q4. Would I be able to access the alarm remotely via internet after I install Konnected Alarm Panel – Conversion/Interface kit?

A: Yes, your Konnected alarm system can be monitored & controlled remotely via an home automation hub provided you have enabled internet access for your hub. Konnected is compatible with popular Home Automation hubs including Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHAB & SmartThings.

Q5. I have a SIM card module installed into my existing system. Would I still need this with Konnected?

A: No, a SIM card is not required as the Konnected kit will provide the ability to monitor & control remotely using the internet.

Q6. What power adapter is included in the kit?

A: An Australian power adapter (supplying 12V DC) is included in the kit along with the splitters to power multiple boards (in case of 12 zone or 18 zone kit).


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