We’ve Got Solutions

The notion of a smart home is a wonderful idea, but where does one begin with regards to building one? You can come at it in a number of different ways, with the important thing that the end result meets your needs and expectations.

At SmartCentralSolutions we aim to cater to a wide range of customers. From tech-minded enthusiasts to the novice consumer who just wants to make home living easier.

Depending on your needs and budget we customise a solution to give something between a basic package to get your home automation journey started and a fully integrated comprehensive system. Our intent is to provide you with a solution that can evolve and update with your needs over time.


Our Design Philosophy             





While it’s very easy to pull commercially available smart products off the shelf, install and set them up in your home. But what exactly are you bringing into your home? Is it safe? Is it secure? Do they play nice with other smart products?

To understand what drives our solutions, it is important to look at the three key fundamentals that form the basis of our solutions. Our home automation solutions are built on 3 important principles:

1. Locally Managed (Cloud independence)

What we are referring to is the ability to locally manage your home automation system and the products connected to it. There are plenty of smart products, whether consumers realise it or not, that rely on the cloud to operate. What does that actually mean? For a cloud reliant smart device, the communication path goes out to the internet, possibly to foreign servers before coming back into your home network to send you an alert or respond to a command. Do you really want your smart home data to go out into the internet? Probably not. And what happens when your internet connection is down or the remote cloud server is offline? You’ve probably guessed it… your smart device won’t work. Not so smart anymore…. Having a system that is locally managed means your smart devices talk to your home automation system and other smart devices and to you. And that’s it. It doesn’t need to leave your network. This makes it quicker, more reliable and less dependent on the outside world.

2. Secure and easily managed

We believe in being as secure as you possibly can. No system is perfectly safe, but having one that is a cloud dependent you are potentially exposing your personal data and possible malicious  attack from anywhere on the internet. Systems and devices can be compromised and hacked. Just look at these examples of compromised cloud-connected devices:

Your home automation system is deeply connected to your home, your devices and to you and we feel the safest system is one that exposes as little information to the outside world as possible. Do you feel safe knowing that your system is potentially at risk of intrusion?

3. Powerfully integrated and expandable.

You may already have smart devices from a variety of product vendors but have wondered how to get them to connect with each other. And you may have asked yourself while about to purchase that new fancy smart speaker or smart camera, will they work with what I have at home already or do I have to buy from the same brand? With our home automation solution we hope this is less of a concern. Built on the popular Home Assistant software platform it will support all major brands of smart devices and also some not as popular ones. Built on an open source platform with a large community of contributors, ensures that you are not locked into buying a specific product ecosystem. With such a large library of supported integrations and capabilities the extent of the automation you desire for your home is only limited by your imagination, and our team will help you build that into a reality.


Your Home Automation Solution

Like pieces of a puzzle, a home automation system is compromised of many individual smart components that are brought together by a system and with automation, made even smarter. Deciding what components you wish to have integrated into your smart home is the first step and our team can consult with you and advise on the approach to spec, design, install and configure it for you.

In our solutions we offer these key smart components:

  • Smart security system
  • Smart light switches/sockets
  • Integrated security cameras
  • Media device integration (smart TVs, smart speakers, audio systems)
  • Air conditioning integration for smart functions
  • Irrigation system integration
  • Pre-built automations

If these features appeal to you, and would like to find out more, contact us to arrange for a consultation.


How to obtain your solution?

A few steps need to occur before your solution is built and ready for use, here is a brief outline of the process.

1. Understanding your needs

Our team meets with you to discuss your needs and understand what you would like out of your home automation system. We discuss with your the process and ensure you’re comfortable every step of the way. At this point we like to understand the kind of package you’re looking for whether it is a complete new system or to integrate with existing smart devices you may already have or a mixture of both.

2. Designing your solution

We take your requirements and design a custom solution and provide options where it is possible. We’ll then come back with a quote. You decide if you want to take it further.

3. Arranging for your products/equipment

Once the design is agreed upon, the team will arrange and procure the products you’ve selected for your new system.

4. Arranging for your install and set up.

Depending on the components the install may require specialised installation such as electrical or cabling. We can arrange this for you and include the costs in our quote.

5. Configuring your new system

After everything is installed, we assist you in configuring and ensuring it’s correctly setup with your customised home automation system, give you a quick overview of the features so you’re familiar with running your system.

6. Enjoy….

Nothing left but to enjoy your fully functioning home automation system.